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What Is Done with Personal Data

Personal data is stored in the Lime CRM database and is never deleted. The data is stored in properties and it is of course possible to display this data to all users of the system if the system is configured in that way.

Why Personal Data Is Needed

Personal data is needed to store information about the contact that the operator is chatting with in Userlike.

What Personal Data

  • Personal identifier. This might differ depending on how Lime Chat and Userlike is configured. For example, it might be the name or the email address of the contact.
  • The name of the contact. Stored in the history notes if the contact is not found in Lime CRM and if the name is provided from Userlike.

Transfer of Personal Data

Typically, only the name and email address are passed on to Lime CRM, if they have been submitted by the person starting the chat. This can of course differ between solutions, if you configure Userlike and Lime Chat differently, for example to include phone number from for example Whatsapp messages. The data is sent to Lime CRM's REST API which is accessed over HTTPS.

Logging of Personal Data

No personal data is logged.

Possible Avoidance of Using Personal Data

There is a possibility to not store the person identifier in Lime CRM. This is achieved by adjust the configuration in Lime Admin.