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Lime Chat

This documentation discusses everything specific to Lime Chat. Please read the Add-on's FAQ for more general questions about add-ons.

Userlike offers the possibility to handle inbound messaging across several channels. Whichever channel your prospects or existing customers prefer, this add-on will make sure you get everything into Lime CRM. For example, either as a lead to follow up on, a helpdesk ticket to continue working on, or for logging history and gathering statistics of helpdesk ticket sources.


Lime Chat offers the following possibilities:

  • Save incoming chats from Userlike into Lime CRM.
  • It is 100 % up to you to decide what should be created in Lime CRM; a helpdesk ticket, a new deal opportunity or something else?
  • Automatically identify the correct person in Lime CRM and attach that to the created object.
  • The entire chat transcript is saved in Lime CRM.
  • Easily jump between Lime CRM and Userlike.
  • Keep track of how many helpdesk tickets you handle per source.